Family meeting resource: Family document locator

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Family values are glue that can hold family together. The flyer below can be paired with the Legacy Portrait family meeting guide to help your clients record where their important files are safely stored, and how to get ahold of them quickly.

Why the Legacy Portrait?


  • Help make sure clients’ wishes and end-of-life choices are understood.
  • Discuss topics frequently seen as “taboo” such as wills or estate plans.
  • Help prevent confusion about assumed wealth transfer.


  • Help navigate tough conversations in a safe space.
  • Unite differing opinions on equity/fairness.
  • Help loved ones emotionally invest in the plan to ensure they’re good stewards of wealth, charitable giving desires, and legacy plans.


  • Leave a legacy that goes beyond money.
  • Family ties can be strengthened through shared values and vision.
  • Help put minds at ease knowing their goals have been clearly communicated and understood.

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Family values are glue that can hold family together. Help your clients share, document and celebrate those values so that when the time comes, their family can continue living out the legacy they established.

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Family values are glue that can hold family together. Pair this flyer with the Legacy Portrait family meeting guide to help your clients document their family meetings, and keep track of their network of professionals – like their financial professional, accountant, lawyer, etc.

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Family values are glue that can hold family together. Pair this flyer with the Legacy Portrait family meeting guide to help your clients document what they stand for as a family. Capture their mission statement, family values, long-term vision, and opportunities.

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The 2020 Midland National Gen-to-Gen Retirement Study looked into the saving, spending and communication habits of four generations covering everyone from age 18-55+. Explore key learnings such as how consumers across each generation have the same retirement fears, and repeat the same financial and retirement mistakes.

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It is becoming increasingly important for families to have end-of-life and legacy planning discussions to ensure transparency and a smooth transition. In our groundbreaking Gen-to-Gen research study, 39% of our respondents said their parents have never discussed their end-of-life plans with them. We sought to uncover why there’s so much lack of communication around this important topic.


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