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VUL Prospectus

Life insurance is often referred to as the foundation of a financial plan. Offering death-benefit protection, it helps protect your financial well-being from the uncertainties of life so that you can successfully plan for the future.

One type of life insurance goes one step further than others, offering you not only all the benefits of life insurance coverage but also flexibility, investment opportunity and choice. That type of life insurance is Variable Universal Life Insurance.


Prospectus Listing


Name of the Prospectus

Variable Universal Life-Cash Value 2  (13083-SAI)

Premier Variable Universal Life 3  (13005-SAI)


Inforce Variable Products


Name of the Prospectus

Variable Universal Life  (4909-SAI)

Variable Universal Life 2  (5860-SAI)

Variable Universal Life 3  (6234-SAI)

Variable Universal Life 4  (7035-SAI)

Variable Executive Universal Life  (6244-SAI)

Variable Executive Universal Life 2  (7034-SAI)

Survivorship Variable Universal Life  (6730-SAI)

Advanced Variable Universal Life  (7554-SAI)

Foundation Variable Universal Life 1.1  (8025-SAI)

Premier Variable Universal Life 1.1  (8026-SAI)

Advisor Variable Universal Life  (9478-SAI)

Variable Universal Life-Cash Value  (12300-SAI)

Variable Universal Life-Death Benefit  (12332-SAI)


Fund Company Prospectus


Name of the Prospectus

American Century Investment Management, Inc.

Fidelity Management & Research Company, Inc.

Fred Alger Management, Inc.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.

Invesco Advisors, Inc.

Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC

MFS ® Investment Management

Neuberger Berman Management, Inc.

Pacific Investment Management Company LLC

ProFund Advisors, LLC

Van Eck Associates Corporation

The Vanguard Group, Inc.


Each Digital Prospectus includes information regarding risk factors, fees, expenses, and investment objectives and policies. Read the prospectus carefully before you invest any money. The amount of your accumulated cash value will be determined by the performance of the Separate Account investment portfolios you select and the product's charges and fees. Which Separate Account investment portfolios are best suited for you will depend on your needs, risk tolerance, and how much time you have before you plan to start making any withdrawals. The Separate Account investment portfolios offer no guaranteed rate of return. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Midland National's current variable products VUL-CV2, VUL-DB, and PVUL3 are issued on policy form series 135 by Midland National Life Insurance Company, One Sammons Plaza, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 57193. Products, features and riders may not be available in all states. Limitations or restrictions may apply. 

The distributor for Midland National's variable products is Sammons Financial Network® LLC, member FINRA. Sammons Financial Network® LLC is a registered broker/dealer under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Sammons Financial Network® LLC is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Sammons Enterprises, Inc., of Dallas, Texas, the ultimate parent company of Midland National® Life Insurance Company and Sammons Retirement Solutions® Inc.


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