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The Advanced Markets team at Midland National is here to help with your business and high net worth individual life insurance cases. Whether a multi-person buy-sell agreement, a policy designed to retain a key executive, or one piece of a larger estate plan, you can turn to our team for marketing materials, case design, and more.

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Five Core Needs

Midland National offers comprehensive solutions for a variety of needs. To help review a client’s needs and prioritize areas of concern, download the Five Core Needs worksheet to walk through each area.

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Sales Concepts

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Business Transition Planning

Business Preservation

Estate Planning

  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT)
  • Spousal Lifetime Access Trust (SLAT)
  • Estate Equalization
  • Charitable Planning

Wealth Accumulation


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Meet Our Team

With over 70 years of combined industry experience, the Midland National Advanced Markets team offers a unique combination of expertise and the ability to simplify even the most complex life insurance concepts. Andrew, Tom and Dianna work hand-in-hand with our regional teams to provide expertise and collaboration on complex cases. Have a question for the team? Send them a note at

Andrew Rinn

Andrew Rinn

JD, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, AVP, Advanced Markets

Tom Martin

Tom Martin

Senior Life Product & Competition Analyst

Dianna Holm

Dianna Holm

Advanced Markets Case Design Consultant

Additional Resources

Advanced Underwriting Consultants is available to answer questions on tax and estate planning scenarios and provide sample documents for no cost to you—it's all part of your valuable Midland National contract. Reach out to Advanced Underwriting using the below contact information.

Thought Leadership

Discover expert insights and innovative perspectives with Andrew Rinn and the Advanced Markets team through our articles and blog posts.

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Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) and Spousal Lifetime Access Trust (SLAT) should be drafted only by an attorney familiar with such matters. Neither Midland National nor its agents give tax advice. Neither Midland National, nor any of its agents, employees or representatives are authorized to give tax or legal advice. Advise customers to contact their own independent qualified tax or legal advisor before commencing any charitable giving plan.

The terms and conditions of the REBA are not part of the policy issued by Midland National® Life Insurance and as such Midland National is unable to enforce directly any restrictions on the policy that are part of the REBA agreement.

AUC only provides general tax and technical information for the information of Midland National employees and producers. AUC is not providing legal or tax advice on which a prospective or current customer can rely nor should AUC materials be used for such purposes. If legal or tax advice is needed by prospective or current customers, an independent legal counsel or tax advisor should be sought. AUC materials are not for use with, or disclosure to, any Midland National prospective or current insurance customers. Midland National and its agents do not give legal or tax advice.

Under an endorsement split dollar arrangement, your client enters into an agreement with their employer. Midland National is not a party to this agreement and Midland National’s only obligation is to administer the policy it issues consistent with the policy’s terms and conditions.

Under an endorsement split dollar arrangement, the value of the life insurance afforded the employee is taxable to the employee. The employer should provide the employee with tax reporting based on requirements specified in the tax code. The parties to the endorsement split dollar arrangement should seek their own independent legal and tax advice as to whether and how to enter into an endorsement split dollar arrangement based on the employer’s and employee’s unique circumstances.

Under a split dollar agreement, classified as a welfare benefit plan, the employee must belong to a select group of management, which includes quantitative and qualitative elements. To meet the quantitative standard, plans should be limited to the top 15% of the workforce. To meet the qualitative test, a significant disparity should exist between the average compensation of the top-hat group and the average compensation of all other employees.

Under a loan split dollar agreement, the employee enters into an agreement with the employer. Midland National® Life Insurance Company is not a party to this agreement and Midland National’s only obligation is to administer the policy it issues. (consistent with the policy’s terms and conditions).

Marshall & Stevens is a third-party company and is not affiliated with Midland National.