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You may have clients who feel they won't qualify for life insurance because of past or current health problems. While medical history does play a part in the underwriting process, life insurance is too important to let misconceptions stand in the way. Share these resources to help educate clients on a variety of health topics that may be insurable!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Download these resources from Midland National to help promote the importance of life insurance and support breast cancer awareness all month long.

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The possibility of health issues occurring is one reason why you should not wait to buy life insurance.

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Although breast cancer screenings cannot prevent breast cancer, the goal is to help with early detection, when it can be easier to treat.

Have you made an early detection plan?

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Don’t let a past diagnosis keep you from securing the life insurance you need to protect your family’s future.

American Heart Month

Midland National is proud to bring awareness that certain types of heart conditions can still be insurable with proper treatment and follow-up. Download this resource to share Midland National's holistic life insurance underwriting philosophy.

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Worried you won't qualify for life insurance due to health issues?

Worried you won't qualify for life insurance based on past health issues?

Don't let that be the reason you don't apply. Talk to your financial professional about life insurance, a key component of a complete financial plan.

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An older couple smile while shaping hearts with their hands

This American Heart Month, protect your heart with healthier living and your family's financial future with life insurance.


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Mental Health Awareness Month Collection

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Though there may be less of a stigma around mental health than there used to be, you may have clients who think they can't qualify for life insurance. Get new resources to show how affordable life insurance can still be possible and help Midland National do the important work of reducing mental health stigma.

U/V Sun Safety Awareness Month Collection

July is known as Ultraviolet(UV) Safety Month. Help spread awareness about the importance of protecting our skin and eyes from the side effects of UV rays, and how a skin cancer diagnosis can impact the ability to obtain life insurance. Download these resources to share on your social platforms.