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Ways to save money this summer

Jun 9, 2023, 7:59:57 PM | Reading Time: 4 minutes

Summer is coming up quickly and with an end in sight for the pandemic, you may be itching to get out into the world. But remember to do so safely and economically! There are many ways to enjoy the season on a budget and save. With a little planning, you can have a great time without spending a lot. Here are 11 suggestions.

Search for deals and discounts

Before you head out for a summer activity or to eat at a restaurant, visit your destination’s website and look for discounts. They may have specials or coupons available. There are plenty of apps out there that track deals and sales—you can do some research and consider trying a few to help you stay in the loop!

Look for free events

Check your town and neighboring towns for free festivals, musical performances, and other activities now that they are starting to re-schedule events. 

Host a BBQ

Fire up your grill this summer to help keep your house cooler and save energy. If you have a gas grill you could save some money on gas canisters by grilling extra food on the weekend to eat during the week. Try hosting a BBQ once a month and have everyone bring a dish. Remember to follow COVID-19 guidelines in your area and keep your gatherings within recommended limits, especially if friends and family aren’t fully vaccinated.

Cancel subscriptions

In the summer, most shows are on hiatus. This gives you a good excuse to consider canceling your television subscriptions for the summer. You may likely be enjoying the sun outside, so consider this option to save on some costs.

Join your local library

Libraries are hubs for a variety of activities in summer-like reading programs, classes, book clubs, festivals, discussions, movie nights, and other free or low-cost events for families.

Buy a museum membership

In the summer, most museums and art galleries feature new exhibitions. Many also offer free entry on certain days, so take a look at their websites for more information on pricing and events. Yes, it will cost, but many museums offer reciprocal membership programs. This means if you buy one membership, you could get free or discounted access to other museums and exhibits, as well as science centers, aquariums, zoos, and other affiliated places. Just be sure to check on any COVID-19 restrictions before you go!

Plan a trip

Looking to get away for a weekend? Find the cheapest way to travel by using a fly or drive calculator like travelmath.com, which will help you measure travel distance and time, and help keep your budget under control with travel cost tools.

Enjoy sports and exercise

If you’re interested in trying a new activity or sport this summer, you may be able to pick up low-cost equipment like basketballs, badminton sets, and more at your local park or recreation department, instead of joining a gym. Try dusting off your bike and riding around for healthy, fun activity. 

Go on a picnic

Take advantage of the warm, sunny days and head to a park. Pack a snack or a full picnic lunch and spend the day enjoying nature. Make your food to keep costs low.

Start a garden

Have a nice spot in your yard where you can grow some vegetables? Consider picking up some inexpensive seeds and start growing flowers and plants. Caring for a garden is a fun hobby that can get you outside to enjoy the nice weather.

Turn off your AC

You don’t need to suffer on hot days, but you could maximize your air conditioner’s (ACs) efficiency and save a few dollars on your utility bill. You could only switch on your AC when you need it. If the nights are cool enough, try getting by with a fan and some open windows. When you aren’t home, you can make sure your AC doesn’t run all day. Consider a smart or programmable thermostat, so you don’t have to manually change the temperature when you leave the house. These thermostats will automatically adjust the climate control in your home..


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