Learn and Plan | Dad’s best budget tips and tricks
A young man and his father work through finances on a computer.

Dad’s best budget tips and tricks

Sep 21, 2023, 4:01:35 PM | Reading Time: 5 minutes

This Father’s Day, we wanted to pay tribute to the advice and wisdom our dads have imparted to us over the years. So, we asked our employees to share the best DIY money-saving tips their dads ever gave them.

Dad's best budget tips and tricks

Money-saving tips

Did your dad ever sit you down and tell you about the value of saving money? If he did, he probably gave you some good advice. The more money you save, the more likely you’ll have the financial freedom to purchase the big things you want in life down the road, like a new home, a car, or a vacation. Saving can also give you a safety net should something happen in your life, like a medical emergency or the loss of employment. Saving requires financial discipline, planning, and being mindful about what you purchase. It’s a good idea to create a budget and follow it to help keep your expenses under control and ensure you continually save money for the future. 

“Eating out is always the easy choice but only sometimes the right choice. We withdraw a certain amount of cash every two weeks, our ‘eating out’ allotment. Knowing the amount limit helps to decide whether fast food is worth it and helps showcase to our teen sons how to budget and truly decide whether eating out today is the best decision.” – Shari Scoonover, Systems Analyst II

“I recall as a teenager driving by a neighbor’s farm once with my Dad, and commenting how 'I loved their new cars, and that they must have a lot of money.' My Dad said, 'They may. Or they may have a lot of debt. It is important to save for things and then buy them.' I use this logic every day.” – Kevin Waetke, AVP, Corporate Marketing

Budgeting tips and tricks

Money savvy fathers know that a budget can be a valuable tool for creating financial stability. Knowing where your money is going is crucial to maintaining your finances. A budget can help ensure you don't spend money you don't have by tracking your expenses. It should make it easier to pay bills on time, allow you to save for major expenses, and most importantly, help you stay in the black. By creating and sticking to a budget, you'll know exactly how much money you earn, how much you can spend each month, and how much you need to save.

“Always know if there is a cheaper option and why you chose the more expensive one. Research your options. Make a recommendation and tell me how you came to your conclusion.” – Michele Kulish, Strategic Project Compliance Consultant

My dad taught me to stay on top of my budget, make sure to pay all bills on time, and to separate the wants from the needs– Teri Bruscher, Policy Change Case Manager

Save for retirement

Even if retirement is a ways off for you, it’s important to have a plan in place and to start setting money aside and investing for when you do leave the workforce. The earlier you start saving for retirement, the bigger your nest egg can be. Many employees’ fathers stressed the importance of enrolling in a 401(k) or 403(b) plan. If your employer offers one, be sure to take advantage of that as soon as possible. Not sure how to follow up on dad’s advice to save for retirement?

“As soon as I got my first ‘big girl job’ in college, my dad told me to contribute money to my 401k. He always said it was important, whether you’re 18 or 70. It adds up over time, so you’ll thank yourself in the future.” – Emily Westergaard, Case Manager

“First give 10%, then save 10%, and never spend more than what is left.” – Amy Clausen, IT Manager

Seek financial assistance from a professional

Managing your money isn’t always easy. Your dad may be able to give you some great suggestions, but don’t be afraid to seek advice from a professional financial advisor who can help you navigate your finances. To find the right agent who fits your needs, submit your information through the Midland National find an agent page.


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