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Go Back in Time with Midland National



Celebrating Our History

For over 110 years, Midland National has been providing financial strength and stability to its customers. We’re proud of our rich history, and have launched a website dedicated to celebrating our heritage.


Introducing our Midland National Company History site. With our recent 110 year anniversary, we launched this website to share the story behind Midland National’s roots and successes.  



Explore Midland National’s History Website

Since 1906, Midland National Life Insurance Company has protected families and businesses with the quality financial products and service we provide. This new digital archive of Midland National’s history was created to celebrate our tradition of protecting what matters most to our policyowners, and supporting the success of our distribution partners.


In today’s world of start-up companies, it’s becoming harder and harder to find companies that have been around as long as Midland National has. We credit our longevity to our ability as a privately-held company to make decisions for the long-term—decisions that have shaped our responsible investment strategy and help us consistently earn high ratings from independent rating agencies like A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s.


We firmly believe that both our history and our future successes are a reflection of the decisions we make today, which is why we remain committed to the strategic thinking that has guided us since our beginnings at the turn of the 20th century.


We invite you to explore our digital archives to:




With over a century of history, there’s a lot to learn about! By taking our archives out of the glass case, and putting them online, we have made it easy to explore Midland National’s history with just the click of a button.



History in the Making

We hope you enjoy our Midland National History Website! New content will be added regularly, so be sure to come back to visit us from time-to-time to see what’s new! 

Prepare Your Home for Spring with 11 Energy Saving Tips


The month of March is officially the start of spring. The weather warms up (hopefully) and you can start enjoying outdoor activities again. To prepare for the changeover it’s a good idea to get your house ready for the new season and save money on your energy usage. Here are 11 tips that will help you get your home ready for spring.


1.Organize and declutter your rooms. Time to store your winter clothes. Put bulky sweaters and coats into airtight bins until next winter. It’s also a good time to figure out what you don’t wear any more. Donate what you don’t use. When you declutter a room, organize what’s left for storage or later use.


2.Inspect caulking around doors, windows and other openings in your house. Winter can separate or erode caulking but it can easily be fixed with external silicone caulking or sealant.


3.Check insulation around doors and windows. Your windows and doors should be properly insulated to keep warm air out. Make sure that the weather stripping on your door is intact and the seal around the door is good. Check the seals around the windows to make sure there is no splitting of cracking.


4.Change the direction of your ceiling fans. In winter the fan speed should be set to low and turn clockwise to help draw room air up towards the ceiling and force the warm air out and down. It’s the opposite for summer. During the summer months the fan should be blowing straight down (blades turning counter-clockwise) to help cool you off. Using your fan instead of an air conditioner can save you money.


5.Clean your dryer vents. Clogged dryer vents can cause warm air to blow back in to the room. A quick cleaning can prevent this.


6.Service HVAC units regularly. In summer you want your air conditioning system's operating at peak efficiency. That won’t happen if you have blocked air filters. In spring and summer allergen levels are higher, so remember to replace your filter about every 60 days.


7.Switch to compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs will save you a lot on energy costs. They also give off less heat than regular incandescent bulbs.


8.Cool off your attic. In summer your attic becomes a hot box. Installing a vent can pull that hot air off the ceiling. A fan will also help keep your attic cooler. Another way to cool things down is to add insulation if needed. Insulation helps save energy because it acts as a barrier. In the winter it keeps heat in and during the summer it keeps heat out. Make sure to seal your attic first to prevent air leaks before adding the insulation. Caulking or weather stripping all cracks and openings will do the trick.


9.Make your kitchen energy efficient. It takes a lot of electricity to keep your kitchen going. Consider upgrading your appliances with an Energy Star labeled model. The replacement will use 40% less energy than conventional models sold before 2001. You should also replace all lighting in the kitchen with CFL's, which use less energy and generate less heat.


10.Make your living room energy efficient. Your living room also uses a lot of energy. Remember to turn off lights and any devices when they are not in use. Even in stand-by mode, electronic devices will use electricity unless they are completely shut off. Although it can be pricey to upgrade electronics like a TV or recording device, replacing old equipment with "Energy Star" labeled units will make a big difference in the amount of energy you use.


11.Make your garage energy efficient. The garage can be one of the biggest sources of energy drain in your home if it isn’t sealed properly. Adding a weather strip to the bottom of the garage door and the door entering your home will help tremendously because it will prevent outside air from coming in and air conditioned air from escaping. If you have a refrigerator or freezer in your garage, make sure you have a model that can hold up to extreme temperatures. In summer a normal fridge or freezer has to work harder to stay cold and will use a lot more energy.



5 Health and Fitness Tips to Get You Geared Up for Spring



Awaken from your winter hibernation! Spring is just around the corner with the promise of longer daylight hours and warmer weather. That means it’s time to go outside and start exercising again.  Here are some tips for getting back into the swing… of Spring!


1. Drink plenty of water. You should drink water throughout your day. Get in at least 60 ounces to keep your body hydrated and to help flush toxins out of your body. Water also helps to fill your stomach during meals which will help you eat smaller portions of food. Try drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning.


2. Watch what you eat. Avoid processed foods and snacking. Try not to dine out as often and cook healthier meals at home. Making small adjustments to your diet, like adding more fruits and vegetables, can make a big difference in your health as well. Eat three meals a day and don’t skip breakfast.


3. Exercise regularly. Make sure you are exercising regularly to burn calories. Walking or running is the easiest way to increase your fitness level and decrease your stress, especially in Spring when the weather is pleasant. At home you can try doing yoga, follow along to exercise DVDs, lift weights or invest in home exercise equipment like a treadmill. Remember to take at least five minutes to stretch your muscles before and after you work out.


4. Get enough sleep. When you sleep your body recovers from everything you did to it during the day.  Although there never seems to be enough time in the day to accomplish everything, do not forego sleep. Instead you should make sleep a priority and get at least seven hours rest each night. Doing so will keep you refreshed, energetic and you will be much more likely to accomplish tasks during the day.


5. Works toward a goal. It’s a good idea to start off slow in your exercise routine. You don’t need to run 5 miles every day just because the weather is clear. Set realistic goals and build up to higher levels of exercise. For example, create a plan to run a 5k in a few months and train for it. This kind of goal will help you stay on track. You may get discouraged, but persevere. You were probably less active in Winter so your body will need time to acclimate to your Spring exercise routine. It may take a few weeks, so go at a slower pace until your body adapts.



7 Tips to Celebrate Valentine’s Day On a Budget


The biggest budget item in February is undoubtedly Valentine’s Day. How much should you spend on a gift for your sweetheart? Do you need to spend over $100 at dinner? Many of us tend to go overboard, causing financial stress on a day that is supposed to be whimsical and fun. But you don't have to break your budget or your lover's heart. Take your time, use your imagination and consider a gift that’s more personal than one straight from your wallet. Here are some suggestions for celebrating Valentine's Day on a budget.


Create Your Own Card

Cards are pretty expensive, especially on Valentine’s Day. It can also be difficult to find the perfect one. Don’t be afraid to make your own. One suggestion is to take the best photo of you and your significant other, and use it as the front of a black card. card. Inside, you can write about how much the moment captured in the photo means to you. Another idea is to cut out phrases or words from Valentine's inspired stories in magazines and attach them to a black card. Homemade cards like these are much more meaningful and personal than a store bought card.


Make a Fancy Dinner

Instead of taking out your valentine for an expensive dinner, try making dinner. You’ll put more effort into it and it will cost a lot less. Make your sweetheart’s favorite meal (with dessert, of course) and serve it by candlelight. Don’t forget the wine. You can pick up a bottle for $10 or less at grocery stores like Trader Joe’s. If you aren’t good at cooking, put together a platter of cheeses and charcuterie with bread, olive oil and fruit. Don’t underestimate the comfort of your own home. Dinner alone with your loved one in a warm surrounding is a lot more romantic than dining out at a crowded restaurant.


Celebrate Valentine’s Day Early

You don’t have to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14. Why not celebrate a week early?  if you’re thinking of getting flowers they will be a lot cheaper earlier in the month and you’ll have a better selection to choose from. Celebrating early can also make for a great surprise. Your sweetheart won’t expect an early celebration.


Make Something by Hand

Making something for your love by hand is much more meaningful than a store bought box of chocolates. And you don’t have to be the most creative person on Earth to make your gift special. Print out photos and create a photo album, collage or scrapbook. You can go even fancier and make a Memory Box. Find a wooden box and put in items that remind you of experiences you've shared or remembrances of places you’ve visited together – a ticket stub from a concert you attended together, a menu from your favorite restaurant, etc.


Buy Estate Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most popular Valentine's Day gifts. During the holiday many stores mark up their prices in anticipation of the increase in customer activity. But you don’t have to buy something at a fancy place in the mall. Estate jewelry, which is the industry's term for used jewelry, can be found in antique stores. Much of what you’ll find is quite unique. Go for style over authentic gems when perusing secondhand shops.


Make a Custom Playlist

Burning a Valentine’s Day CD is a classic, heartfelt gift. Create an album of songs that make you think about your loved one, especially songs you love together. Go the extra mile and create a custom cover for it by finding a romantic image or creating one yourself from photos. You can go old school and actually burn a CD or create a digital playlist and artwork, and upload them to a flash drive to give as a gift. There are a variety of flash drives out there that feature cool patterns or fictional characters. Get one that your significant other will enjoy.


Enjoy Some Inexpensive Entertainment

You don’t have to go out to a see a Broadway musical or a big concert and spend hundreds of dollars, not when there are a variety of fun spots to go that cost less or are free. Places like museums, art galleries, cultural centers, improv clubs, small theater companies and coffee houses are great options. You don’t even have to go out if you don’t want to. Save money by staying in and watching cheesy, romantic movies on Netflix.



How to Host Your Oscars Party on a Budget


With The Academy Awards coming up in a few weeks on Sunday, Feb. 26, you may be thinking about hosting an Oscars-watching party. Any party can be expensive, especially a themed one, but throwing a great Oscar party for your friends and family doesn’t have to empty your savings account. Here are a few tips and tricks for celebrating the 2017 Academy Awards party on a budget.


Send Electronic Invitations

Don’t bother with paper invitations. Instead, go green and save money on invitation cards, envelopes and stamps. Your guests will appreciate invites that they can easily access on their cellphones or computers. You can also create an event page on Facebook. Electronic invitations can be centered on a theme and can include the images and text you want. They are also completely free.


Focus on Simple Food and Drinks

A great party should have a great spread. Unfortunately, providing food and beverage options for many guests can get expensive very quickly. You can keep costs low by sticking to appetizers like bruschetta, chicken fingers, pot stickers, cheese and charcuterie and other crowd pleasers that are easy to make. Popcorn is an appropriate treat for watching a movies award show and it’s inexpensive. Buy a bag of kernels in bulk and pop them at your party. Pick up some cheap paper bags and offer a variety of seasonings to make it festive. When it comes to drinks make the event “BYOB” or stick to serving one special cocktail for the night.


Get Creative with Decorations

To help celebrate the Oscars you may want to decorate with a Hollywood-inspired theme. You can do this on a budget by visiting your local dollar store and pick up cheap materials like star cutouts, streamers, balloons and tinsel. One fun idea is to hang gold stars from your ceiling that feature the names of each guest. The Academy Awards' website, www.oscars.org, a features many images you can download and print to bolster your decor. You can also make mini-posters of movies that have won Best Picture or other Oscars. Simply do a Google image search and print the posters you find on standard 8x12 paper. If you want to get really fancy, consider rolling out a red carpet on your porch made out of inexpensive felt that’s available at any craft store.  


Get Guests Involved

Make your party interactive by encouraging your guests to cast votes for winners before the show begins. The Academy Awards' website features a printable Oscars ballot (PDF) and a variety of Oscars bingo cards (PDF). If you have room in your budget, give themed prizes to your guests who make the right guesses for the big awards like Best Picture, best actress and so forth. You don’t have to spend a lot on prizes. Candy, cheap dollar store trophies or medals, or discount DVDs you can find in a Target discount bin can be inexpensive and fun additions to your event.


Make Your Party a Potluck

One of the best ways to host an Oscars party on a budget and make it stress-free is to allow your guests the opportunity to contribute. Try making it a potluck. Create a checklist for what you need and ask your guests what they can bring. Assign them something from the list – drinks, appetizers, etc. so you know what everyone will bring. Friends and family are usually happy to make a dish or bring something to share.


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