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Midland National Resources

Not sure how life insurance and annuities can help you meet your financial goals? Midland National’s got you covered. Explore the digital resources below to learn more.

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How an Indexed Universal Life Insurance Works

In addition to death benefit protection, indexed universal life insurance (IUL) provides the potential to earn cash value growth through either a fixed account, an index account that protects you from losses, or a combination of both. Get the play-by-play with this interactive tool that takes a sporty approach to explaining IUL.

Take Your Future to the Max with Life Insurance

Did you know that life insurance can help you while you're living? Although the primary purpose of life insurance is to provide a death benefit to your loved ones after you die, as part of a well-structured plan it can also help you while you're living. Don't let your financial strategy suffer. Take it to the max with life insurance.

Maximize your future

Financial Habits of the Sandwich Generation

Are you raising your kids while also thinking about care for your aging parents? Welcome to the Sandwich Generation. With people living longer, caring for our older parents while also busy raising children of our own is becoming a common issue in America. See what our research uncovered about how this is impacting the financial habits of the Sandwich Generation.

Women and Retirement

Women are taking ownership of money matters, asking tough questions, and making the choices that are best for their financial situations. To best support them, the insurance and financial services industry should recognize women as the financial powerhouses, decision-makers, business owners, executives and empowered consumers they are. That's why we created Empowered—our findings after talking to hundreds of women (and men as a benchmark)—to learn more about how they handle money matters, their thoughts on retirement, and if/how they like to work with financial professionals.

The Legacy Portrait: A guide to legacy planning

Legacy planning starts with difficult decisions and even tougher conversations. How do you explain your final wishes to your loved ones? Who will inherit your assets—and how will they know how to divide them? What do you want your legacy to be? Midland National has created a guide to help you navigate this process from start to finish. You'll find helpful tips, examples, and worksheets to walk you through legacy planning.